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ThunderCats - Cat's Lair Playset - Preorder Deposit Details
  • ThunderCats - Cat's Lair Playset - Preorder Deposit Details

    This $250 payment is a nonrefundable deposit!  The full retail price of this item is $750 USD plus shipping per unit. We will send you a payment link at a later date for the balance plus shipping. This must be paid in full before we ship the item to you. Shipping is additional and limited to select regions. Customers are responsible for any additional import taxes/fees.

    The preorder window for ThunderCats Cat's Lair will close on Sunday September 17th, 2023.

    The ThunderCats Cat's Lair is a made-to-order release and we expect to ship these figures in Winter 2024.

    • Shipping Rates

      Singapore - $350
      Malaysia - $350
      Philippines - $425
      Taiwan - $175
      Honk Kong - $150
      Indonesia - $350 - $900 (depending taxes)

      Customers in China, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan will have the option of purchasing this product from our Taobao.  Please check it out at

    • Additional Incentives

      Early Funding Bonus - There is an incentive to buy early. If you place your order before July 30th you will get a Key to Thundera in addition to the ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Cat's Lair playset! You can only get this key by placing your order before July 30th.

      There are further incentives if Super7 reaches certain order thresholds:

      ●  A minimum of 3,000 orders is needed to bring this set to life
      ●  At 4,000 orders, you unlock a Sword of Omens accessory, a Claw Shield accessory, and a Lab set accessory
      ●  At 5,000 orders, you unlock an exclusive ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Astral Projection Lion-OTM Figure

    • ThunderCats Cat's Lair Playset Details

      Polyphony is proud to parter with Super7 to announce the ThunderCats Cat's Lair.


      When Super7 says ULTIMATES! it’s not merely hyperbole, especially when it comes to the ThunderCatsTM! Our friends, the Berbils, have collaborated with our crack design team to create a monumental new ULTIMATES! Cats’ Lair! At over 36” tall, 33” deep when open, and 53” wide when open, this mighty fortress is worthy of being the headquarters and refuge for your ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figures as they take on the evil forces of Mumm-RaTM! Sized to accommodate your ULTIMATES! 7” scale figures, this Cats’ Lair is chock-full of hidden defense weapons and unfolds to reveal a Command Center, removable Control Pods, the ThunderTank maintenance hangar, a hidden Weapons Room, and more! You’d have to travel to Third Earth to find anything even close to rivaling this mighty ThunderCats fortress, so save the time and expense of interstellar travel and order your own ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Cats’ Lair!

    • Features

      • Large format playset scaled for 7” ULTIMATES! Figures
      • When open, measures 36” H x and 53” W x 33.5” D
      • Swiveling Cat Head that is removable, with battery-powered light-up eyes
      • Battery-powered light-up chest emblem
      • Functioning Lair Paws that open and close to reveal poseable turrets
      • Functioning arm windows that open and close to reveal poseable cannons
      • Control Room with interchangeable screens and battery-powered, backlit light-up feature
      • Removable Control Pods with interchangeable screens
      • Rotating weapons chamber
      • Garage workbench with removable ThunderTank maintenance tools
      • Requires 6AAA batteries (not included)
    • Base Accesories

      • 2x Paw turrets
      • 2x Control pods
      • 3x Control pod screens (double-sided)
      • 5x ThunderTank maintenance tools
      • 1x Council table
      • 7x Council chairs
      • 1x Computer chair
      • 5x Computer screens
    • Terms and Conditions

      By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

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