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Super Shogun Optimus Prime
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This Pre-Order is now closed.

Polyphony is proud to parter with Super7 to announce the addition of Optimus Prime to the Super Shogun world! The original Super7 Shogun made its debut in 2010 with the Super Shogun Stormtrooper. The same design and craftsmanship that made that release legendary is now being applied to the Super Shogun Optimus Prime pre-order! Super Shogun Optimus features:


  • The design is inspired by the 1970's Shogun Warriors toy line.

  • Stands 24-inches tall.

  • Super Shogun Optimus Prime has G1-era accurate paint job and detailing.

  • Three points of articulation.

  • Features wheels on feet for rolling combat action.

  • Armed with a spring-loaded, “rocket firing” left fist.

  • Removable Ion Blaster.

  • Chest opens to reveal removable Matrix of Leadership.

  • Will include sticker sheet for customizable display.

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